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Amelia and a Lion, a Tiger, a Cheetah and a big Pigeon.

Posted on: September 27, 2011

Dearest Princess Amelia I’m afraid that your Oncle Bill is a little late with your post for September because he had to take time out to finally make an honest woman of Aunty Catherine. You were a little too young to attend the wedding but Godderwil was well represented by King John (a.k.a. Harry the Best Man a.k.a Daddy), Queen Caron (a.k.a Mummy) along with Prince Joseph, Princess Becky and Prince Matthew. I’m sure they will tell you all about it.

After our own Royal Wedding Aunty Catherine and I went on our Honeymoon to the long-lost land of Mauritius, well ok it wasn’t really lost but that sounds good doesn’t it? While we were there we spent some time with some cats. Not just any cats but some incredibly huge cats. No less than a Lion, a Tiger and a Cheetah. We spent time with one of each of them. We walked for nearly an hour with a Lion and a Tiger and then we spent some time with a Cheetah. The Lion and the Tiger really loved playing together and the Cheetah really loved sleeping. Thankfully none of them ate us either, but I’m not sure whether they just weren’t hungry or that we didn’t look very tasty. All three cats were even younger than you at between 11 and 13 months. None of them can speak, well at least not in English anyway, but the Lion and Tiger are able to roar and the Cheetah has a really, really loud purr. They were all brought to Mauritius because they didn’t have their own Mummys and Daddys. But they seem to have a really great time walking, climbing, playing, sleeping and eating. Which sounds like the kind of good time that you often have!

While we were away we also learnt the sad story of another animal that is sadly no longer with us. It’s called a Dodo and the only place it ever lived was on Mauritius. It had lived there happily for thousands of years, but unfortunately it wasn’t happily ever after. When the first men arrived on the island they decided that the Dodo, which is like a massive pigeon that can’t fly, would be good to eat and to take home and show people what a funny looking bird it was. When lots more men started living on the island they accidentally brought with them lots of rats. These men were clearly not very clever men, in fact they were some of the silliest men that ever lived. They had a cunning plan to get rid of the rats; that cunning plan was to introduce the mongoose to the island so that it could kill the rats. But they were so very silly that they must have forgotten that rats come out at night when the mongoose sleeps and the mongoose comes out to play during the day when the rats are asleep. So the rats and the mongoose hardly ever met. But the mongoose did decide that it really liked the taste of Dodo eggs and it sadly ate lots of them. The poor Dodo couldn’t cope as they only laid one egg each year, which is much less than the tribe of chickens that used to live in Godderwil ruled by the one and only Super Chicken, Houdini. It took just 100 years for all those silly men to wipe out the Dodo completely. Now as a true princess I am sure that you will make sure things like that never happen again and that you’ll do all that you can to look after all animals. Especially the Dodo and the Lion we brought you back from the Kingdom of Mauritius.

I think we probably know a few songs about big cats and Dodos, don’t you? I wonder which one will be your favourite? There is not much in the way of learning about music in this post, but there will be the next month! I bet you didn’t think there’d be a song called Dodo did you?


1 Response to "Amelia and a Lion, a Tiger, a Cheetah and a big Pigeon."

Hi Bill, another great blog. Amelia danced like mad to Tiger feet but gazed increduously at David Bowie. At least she didn’t burst into tears and run from the room!!
She managed to find the wedding potos we had taken and spent ages kissing the images on screen and giggling excitedly when she recognised people. I have video of her on my iphone which I will send to you when I can work out how to upload it!!
Love to Catherine and of course you

John and Caron and of course Princess Amelia. XXXXX

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