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Princess Amelia and the Chic Disco Men

Posted on: November 10, 2011

Dearest Princess Amelia it was a pleasure to spend some time with you at the weekend. You are a very beautiful princess who is a credit to the Kingdom of Godderwil. I’m sure that King John, Queen Caron and all of the rest of the Godderwil royal family are very proud of you. As one of your ‘Odd Parents’ I certainly am and I know that Aunty Catherine is too.

It’s time again for your monthly music lesson and this month I shall focus on a specific song. Not just a random song but one of my favourites that also has a far reaching influence. It was first released in 1979 when I still had traces of shaving rash, being a young whippersnapper of just twenty years young at the time. In those days I still had my mobile DJ partnership with my good friend Glen. Can you guess what we called ourselves? It was ‘Bill and Glen the Disco Men’. Do you like that?

The song was written by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards who first played together in a band called New York City who had one massive hit in 1973 called “I’m Doing Fine Now”. Although I suspect that they probably weren’t doing as fine as their song suggested as they never had another hit. For a time Nile and Bernard were not sure what they should do next, they wanted to make good disco records, but they also wanted them to be a little different from everyone else. Nile had been listening to Roxy Music and loved their early free form electronic sound. Both he and Bernard Edwards had also played with many very talented jazz musicians. So they decided to combine those influences along with a very slick production and smooth orchestration and that is how their classic group Chic were born.

I will tell you a bit more about Chic another time, for now let’s learn about that wonderful feel good song that is “Good Times” It really is a fantastic song in it’s own right but it’s main riff has reached across the musical spectrum. The instrumental track was used as the backing track to the first rap hit; “Rappers Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang. Nile and Bernard successfully took the Sugarhill Gang to court over the use of that sound and are now credited as co writers of “Rappers Delight”. A year or two later the “Good Times” sound or something very similar to it could be heard in Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”, “This Is Radio Clash” from my favourite band of all time ever and “I Need You Tonight” from INXS among others.

George Michael covered the song in concert when he was still a part of Wham back in 1983. It has been sampled a lot since the Sugarhill Gang picked it up. Including Michelle Gayle’s 1995 “Happy Just To Be With You” The original Chic version of the song was available in both 7 and 12 inch vinyl versions that were 3 minutes 24 seconds and 8 minutes 13 seconds long respectively. As a mobile DJ with obvious good taste I in fact owned both versions, although I only have them electronically these days. The song also featured on Chic’s album ‘Risqué’ which included two other hit singles among its total of just seven songs. Those other hits were “My Feet Keep Dancing” and “My Forbidden lover”.

I have copied all the words to the song at the end of this post so that you can sing along to it with the Royal Mummy and Daddy. Really it’s only you that is allowed to call them that though! I said earlier that this is a real feel good song and you can tell it is just by reading some of the lyrics; ‘Leave your cares behind’ and ‘put an end to this stress and strife’, for example. Then there is the mention of boys and girls, you should listen carefully to the girl’s part, which goes ‘Girls will be girls cute pony tails and curls’ so now you know how to do your hair. I would love to say that I have curls and a pony tail, but that would be a little untrue wouldn’t it? Also any song that mentions roller skates has to be pretty cool doesn’t it?

“Good Times” is also an excellent dance song and I hope that you will enjoy dancing to it. All you have to do whenever you dance is to do it as though no one is watching. That’s my philosophy anyway! So follow the instruction in the song ‘Let’s cut a rug, a little jive and jitterbug’ shake your hips and get dancing!

Good times These are the good times

Leave your cares behind

These are the good times Good times

These are the good times

Our new state of mind

These are the good times

Happy days are here again

The time is right For makin’ friends

Let’s get together How ’bout a quarter to ten

Come tomorrow Let’s all do it again

Boys will be boys Better let them have their toys

Girls will be girls Cute pony tails and curls

Must put an end To this stress and strife

I think I want to live the sporting life

Good times These are the good times

Leave your cares behind

These are the good times

Good times These are the good times

Our new state of mind

These are the good times

A rumour has it that It’s getting late

Time marches on Just can’t wait

The clock keeps turning

Why hesitate

You silly fool You can’t change your fate

Let’s cut a rug A little jive and jitterbug

We want the best We won’t settle for less

Don’t be a drag Participate

Clams on the half shell And roller-skates Roller-skates

Good times These are the good times

Leave your cares behind

These are the good times

Good times These are the good times

Our new state of mind

These are the good times



3 Responses to "Princess Amelia and the Chic Disco Men"

Hey Ameilia,

I am listening to these songs at the moment and having a dance with Betty. Do you remember Betty? She is our little black kitten that you liked so much when you met her on Sunday. Betty whispered in my ear while we were dancing that she likes you too, and is looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

Happy dancing Amelia.

Lots of Love

Aunty Catherine

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