With Just A Hint Of Amelia

Princess Amelia learns to use her imagination

Posted on: September 27, 2012

Dearest Princess Amelia it was a delight and a pleasure to see you once again last week. Aunty Catwoman and me are very much looking forward to your visit this weekend as well. It’s not often that the residents of Calla Bryn Sturgis are treated to an official visit from the Godderwil Royal Family. Lord Benny the Ball and Lady Betty Slocombe are particularly excited about seeing you and have promised to be on their best behaviour.

let me apologise as this post is perhaps more message than music. Your Mummy told me last week that you said to her that you wanted a rocket so you could fly up into the sky and touch a rainbow. Well I think that is a wonderful idea. In fact if you close your eyes and think about doing it then you will be able to. It’s all about using one of the most amazing gifts that you have; imagination. We all have it but those of us who are a lot older than you often forget how to use it. Your imagination is completely free and powerful at the moment and you should do everything you can to keep it that way.

During your life some people will laugh at you for having an imagination. Don’t let that worry you and definitely don’t let it change you. Using your imagination makes you a much happier person than those unimaginative folk anyway. Some of the best people I know have very powerful imaginations especially those few people who I count as my own heroes. people will say that you can’t touch a rainbow, that’s it’s just a clever trick of the light. But don’t ever let that stop you from reaching for it.

My own imagination used to be just like yours but getting old has dimmed it a bit, although it is still there. When I was a little boy I wanted to be a Spaceman and I often imagined myself flying in a big rocket to the Moon or Mars. That dream has never died and I would like to ask you Princess Amelia that if you ever manage to fly your rocket to find a rainbow can I sit in the passenger seat? And whatever you go on to do in life never forget that you always have your imagination!

And finally I hope you enjoy dancing to the three songsI have chosen. Two about imagination, two about rockets and two about rainbows


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