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Princess Amelia learns to do the Hustle

Posted on: December 1, 2013

hustleDear Princess Amelia I must apologise for November’s blog post not appearing until December. But I will make sure that your Christmas blog post arrives before 25th December! I thought that I’d give you a post about a dance craze because we haven’t done one of those for a while. I have chosen a classic disco hit from 1975 called “The Hustle”. It’s a mostly instrumental track recorded in 1974 by Van McCoy  and the Soul City Symphony for his album ‘Disco Baby’. I have played it hundreds of times in my days as a mobile DJ (perhaps more about mobile DJs in another post one day). The song was number one in both Canada and the USA and it reached number four in Holland and number three in the UK. I have a very strong feeling that it was a very big hit in Godderwil. Why do I have such a strong feeling? Mostly because I taught your Grandpa how to do the Hustle at your Mummy’s birthday party a few years ago. I’ll teach you the same moves next time we meet. But the fact that I made all those dance steps up myself when I taught your Grandpa, well we’ll just keep that to ourselves ok?

how-to-do-the-hustle-280x210I have put two videos into this post; the first is a quick lesson in how to dance the Hustle and the second is from some of the dancers on a wonderful old American TV show called Soul Train.

Granddad dances the Hustle with Deborah

Grandpa dances the Hustle with Deborah


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