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Dearest Princess Amelia, I know that you have been learning about the Great Fire of London and that you have been to a firework display and as Saturday is Bonfire Night. I also want to say very well done for winning the pumpkin competion with your 1666 pumpkin!

I thought I would share some fire related songs with you. Here is a fire top ten, I hope that you enjoy them.



Dearest Princess Amelia, one day you might find a singer, musician, artist, writer or perhaps a film star that you really, really like. You may never even get to meet them but that person will mean very much to you, not as much as your Mummy, Daddy and brothers and sisters and your friends. But they will mean a lot to you. Not everyone finds someone like that but I did.

David Bowie performing at the Hammersmith Apollo

Many years ago in 1972 when I was just 13 I saw David Bowie on television singing a song called “Starman“. From that day I became a fan of Mr Bowie and even after all that time I still am. But on Monday myself and all the thousands of people across the world who like David Bowie had some very bad news. He went to heaven on Monday although he was only 69. Even when you’re old, like me, it’s ok to cry sometimes.


I hope that you do find an artist that means as much to you as David Bowie does to me. But in the meantime here a few of my favourite David Bowie songs for you to enjoy.




Dearest Princess Amelia it’s been a long while since I last posted anything for you. I hope that you and the Royal Family of Godderwil can forgive me.



I went with your Daddy to see Paul Weller playing a gig in York last night and he told me that you thought it was funny that Mr Weller had been in a band called the Jam and you said that you asked why it wasn’t called marmalade. So I thought I would give you a few bands named after things that you might make a sandwich with. So I hope that you enjoy Bread, the Jam and Marmalade!




Marmalade (1)

New School Clip art_full

Dearest Princess Amelia, I must apologise for taking so long to post another item on your blog. Anyway as you have now started school I thought that I would choose a few school related songs for you. Some are about being at school, others are about what you might learn and simply about being of school age. I hope that you enjoy them. There are a couple of my favourite songs in there too, especially “Itchycoo Park” and “I Wish”.  Aunty Catherine and I are really looking forward to hearing how you are getting on at school :-). After the videos I have added a few pictures of my old school 🙂

Bishopshalt_School_-_geograph.org.uk_-_711528 large285_maxi_x346y346_1 schcon


Dearest Princess Amelia in your journey through the wonderful world of popular music you will come across the beast known as the One Hit Wonder. Some of these are wonderful and others are awful. The original of the song that I am bringing you in this post is excellent, although one of its cover versions is dreadful. but as that cover version raised money for charity, so I think that we can forgive that! What do you think?


The song is “Spirit In The Sky” and it has been to the top of the UK charts three times; Norman Greenbaum (1970), Doctor and the Medics (1986) and Gareth Gates and the Kumars (2003). If you wish to know more about any of those artists just ask Uncle Bill. But if you ask about Gareth Gates I will be a little disappointed. Norman Greenbaum wrote the song and because he earned so much money from it over the years he has never had to work. I wish that I could write a song like that! I hope that you enjoy singing and dancing to “Spirit In The Sky”.


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Inkwell_Stamps_Away_in_a_MangerDearest princess Amelia as Christmas is not too far away I thought that I would bring you a couple of Christmas songs in this post. The first is one that I know you can sing very well. It is “Away In A Manger” and I think you’ll enjoy singing along to it. It was written more than 100 years ago and in 1996 it was chosen as the joint second favourite Christmas carol in the UK! I suspect that it is the favourite carol in Godderwil. The second song is “When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney” and that one was chosen especially for you by Aunty Catherine. It is quite a funny song, even funnier when Aunty Catherine sings it. As a special Uncle Bill bonus I thought I would add a real rocking Christmas song from a band called the Darkness that I have seen play live three times. That one is called “Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)”. I should warn you that the singer is actually a man and not a girl. I hope that you enjoy all the songs.



Dearest Princess Amelia, I almost missed your monthly blog post for October, but it’s still Halloween so I just about made it. I hope that you get to hear the song before you go to bed on Halloween night though, because it’s about a monster! I think that you will like this song and when I come over and baby sit in a couple of weeks maybe we can sing it together.


The song is called “Monster” and it is by a Welsh band called the Automatic. It reached number 4 in the UK charts in 2006. I believe it may have been number one in Godderwil. I saw the band at the Reading Festival three times and they played this song as an encore every time. It is fantastic to see hundreds of people bouncing up and down to the music and singing the chorus as loud as they can. I was one of those people too, it was great fun. happy Halloween Princess 🙂


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