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Dearest Princess Amelia I’m sorry it has been so long since I posted on your blog. Someone from the Godderwil Royal Family has told me that you now have a cat called Pudding. Now that gave me an idea. I thought I would make a post for you that had a few cat and cat related songs on it. I hope that you enjoy them. Tell me which is your favourite.

Feature Rates Apply NOT FOR USE ON GREETING CARDS, POSTCARDS, CALENDARS OR ANY MERCHANDISING WORLDWIDE WITHOUT CLEARANCE BY RICHARD AUSTIN Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Austin/Rex/REX USA (1066230a) Chesney pushes 'step-brother' Joey around in a mini shopping trolley 8-week-old kitten pushes 2-week-old kitten around in a toy shopping trolley, Exeter, Devon, Britain - 12 Jul 2012 He aint heavy, he's my step-brother ... Poor little kitten Joey was only a few weeks old when his mother was killed while crossing a road near Exeter in Devon. Happily for Joey he was successfully introduced to a new mum after being taken to the Axhayes cat adoption centre. However, his new mother already has three kittens of her own, which are 6-weeks older than Joey and three times as big. But, despite the differences in size and age, Joey has been welcomed into the feline family and now has big brother Chesney to lend him a helping paw. Both Joey and Chesney are currently shopping around for a new home, though Joey will have to wait a few weeks before he is old enough to leave his new mum.


Dearest Princess Amelia, for this post I would like to introduce you one of the most successful pop songwriting partnerships that there has ever been; Meet Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Over the years they have written many, many hits for a lot of artists. Some would say they have come close to writing some of the most perfect pop songs that there have ever been and I think that may be true. So I would like you to sing, dance, shout and stomp your feet to some of their greatest songs. See if you can make the ground shake in Godderwil! Enjoy yourself listening to Mud, Sweet, Suzi Quatro, Smokie, Racey, New World and Toni Basil.




Dearest Princess Amelia it’s been a long while since I last posted anything for you. I hope that you and the Royal Family of Godderwil can forgive me.



I went with your Daddy to see Paul Weller playing a gig in York last night and he told me that you thought it was funny that Mr Weller had been in a band called the Jam and you said that you asked why it wasn’t called marmalade. So I thought I would give you a few bands named after things that you might make a sandwich with. So I hope that you enjoy Bread, the Jam and Marmalade!




Marmalade (1)

Dearest Princess Amelia it was a pleasure to be with you for your first ever gig last month. You came to the Apollo Festival in York with your Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Catherine and me. It looked like you had a lot of fun, especially dancing around on your Daddy’s shoulders while watching the Supermodels. They are one of the best covers bands I have ever seen. I’ll let your Daddy explain what a covers band is! You also came with me to pick up a free CD from the lead singer of RedStar. I think that your first gig was quite a cool one. The question is whether the first gig that your Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Catherine and me went to when we were young was cool or embarrassing. I’ll let you decide that by listening to a song from each one;

Your Daddy’s first gig was the American band Kiss on their Unmasked tour at the Deesside Leisure Centre on 6th September 1980. According to Wikipedia the support act were Iron Maiden!

kiss live

Your Mummy’s first gig was Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Manchester Apollo on 22nd November 1982. It was the second of the band’s two nights at that venue that year. Your Mummy was only 14 and she had a bright pink Mohican hair cut. She went to the gig on the train with her friend Gale and her Daddy (your Granddad) picked her up afterwards.

Siouxsie and the Banshees 5

Aunty Catherine’s first gig was sometime in the early 1980s in Manchester. She went to see Huey Lewis and the News with a bunch of school friends. I can’t find an exact date for that gig, but if I had to guess I would say it was 1984 or 1985. The band may not have been cool, but just a few years before that they called themselves Clover and they were the session band on Elvis Costello’s first album.


My first gig was the Jackson 5 on 12th November 1972 at the Wembley Empire Pool (now the Wembley Arena). I went with my school friend Brian ‘Dolphin’ Taylor when we were 13. he went on to be a professional drummer and played with the Tom Robinson Band and Stiff Little Fingers among others. They were supported by Sisters Love, Junior Walker and the All Stars and the Commodores.

j5 live

Personally I think that your Mummy’s was the coolest of all those gigs what do you think?

ALtered Images in the 80sIt is May 2014 and that means that Princess Amelia will become 4 years old. So dearest princess I thought that I would wish you a very happy birthday with a great song from a Scottish band that I really loved, especially their lead singer Clare Grogan. The band is Altered Images and the song is “Happy Birthday”. It reached number two in the UK charts in 1981. I hope you enjoy singing and dancing to the song and more importantly I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and a great birthday party.


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Clash210513Dearest Princess Amelia I have been to see many hundreds of bands and singers playing live and as you get older I will probably bore you with stories about many of them. But there are some acts that I never managed to see in a live concert. One of those is a band that are probably my favourite ever British band. They were called the Clash and they had their first hits in the late 1970s. As a simple way of introducing them to you I thought that I’d select three songs, the last of which is really a cover version of one of their songs by a group of children. The songs are; “Rock The Casbah“, “London Calling” and “Career Opportunities”. I hope that you manage to get Mummy and Daddy and the whole population of Godderwil dancing to the first one.


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Dearest Princess Amelia in your journey through the wonderful world of popular music you will come across the beast known as the One Hit Wonder. Some of these are wonderful and others are awful. The original of the song that I am bringing you in this post is excellent, although one of its cover versions is dreadful. but as that cover version raised money for charity, so I think that we can forgive that! What do you think?


The song is “Spirit In The Sky” and it has been to the top of the UK charts three times; Norman Greenbaum (1970), Doctor and the Medics (1986) and Gareth Gates and the Kumars (2003). If you wish to know more about any of those artists just ask Uncle Bill. But if you ask about Gareth Gates I will be a little disappointed. Norman Greenbaum wrote the song and because he earned so much money from it over the years he has never had to work. I wish that I could write a song like that! I hope that you enjoy singing and dancing to “Spirit In The Sky”.


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