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Dearest Princess Amelia, your Mummy and Daddy may have told you about the Olympics which kicked off in London on Friday with a truly fantastic opening ceremony.  Although obviously not on the grand scale of ceremonies that take place in Godderwil. I was a bit concerned that there is no Godderwil team at the Olympics, but maybe when you are old enough you can fly the flag and bring back the gold for Godderwil!

I thought I would select a few Olympic related songs for you to dance (and maybe hop, skip and jump to). I hope that you enjoy them.

OK they are all songs about sporting activities, apart from the last one, where the band is called Javelin and I think you’ll be able to dance to that one! I would like to give you one more song, it was the first to be heard live from the Olympics opening ceremony and it’s one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists; it’s “I Still Believe” by Frank Turner.


Dear Princess Amelia I would like to wish you a very, very happy second birthday. I’m sure you will have a wonderful day and a fabulous party. Your blog is now one year old and more than 3,500 have read it and there are now nearly 200 followers. The most popular post so far has been ‘Princess Amelia And The Chic Disco Men’¬†click here to read it again. But whoever follows it and however many people read it, the important thing is that this blog is and will always be written just for you.

As it’s your birthday I thought I’d choose a special birthday song for you to sing along to. This song is about a man who lived and died a very long time ago. He died back in the days when I still wore short trousers for school. He was a man who wanted peace and for people to live together in happiness and harmony. His name was Martin Luther King. I’m sure you will learn a lot about him one day at school and if you don’t then I’ll be able to tell you about him.

He is someone who I have always admired and I know I’m not the only one. One of my favourite singers is Stevie Wonder and he spent a long, long time trying to make Martin Luther King’s birthday a holiday in America to celebrate all the good that Martin did. He wrote and recorded a song called “Happy Birthday” in 1981 to help make the holiday become real and it worked. The third Monday of every year is now a holiday in the USA and is known as Martin Luther King Day. I think we should celebrate that day in the Kingdom of Godderwil and the Adamson Estate too, what do you think?

The song is about Martin but it is also a wonderfully happy birthday song too. So now I want you to sing along, with help from Mummy and Daddy and get dancing for your birthday. Have a beautiful birthday you beautiful girl with tons of love from Oncle Bill and Aunty Catherine too!

And as a special birthday bonus here is a beautiful song from Marvin Gaye about the loss of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedys. It also has one of King’s famous speeches attached to it. That will be a little boring for you right now, but I’m sure it will mean something when you’re older.

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