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Dearest Princess Amelia, I almost missed your monthly blog post for October, but it’s still Halloween so I just about made it. I hope that you get to hear the song before you go to bed on Halloween night though, because it’s about a monster! I think that you will like this song and when I come over and baby sit in a couple of weeks maybe we can sing it together.


The song is called “Monster” and it is by a Welsh band called the Automatic. It reached number 4 in the UK charts in 2006. I believe it may have been number one in Godderwil. I saw the band at the Reading Festival three times and they played this song as an encore every time. It is fantastic to see hundreds of people bouncing up and down to the music and singing the chorus as loud as they can. I was one of those people too, it was great fun. happy Halloween Princess ūüôā



Dear Princess Amelia it’s been a very busy time for your ¬†Aunty Catherine and Oncle Bill, we have moved from the small castle we used to live in to a huge palace. Well a slightly larger house actually. We are still quite close to the kingdom of Godderwil though. But because we have been so busy I must ask a royal pardon and beg your forgiveness for I have failed to deliver an Amelia blog post for March. However I aim to make this up to you and work my way back into the royal circle (the stalls are somewhat uncomfortable) by giving you two posts this month of which this is the first.

This post is all about a band that I have seen at the Reading Festival a couple of times and they are much more recent than some of the music I have shown you during the history of your blog. They are American and were name after a comic book character in the Simpsons, which is obviously a cartoon as well. They are Fall Out Boy and for their first few gigs they had no name. Eventually they asked their audience to shout out some suggestions for names and someone shouted Fall Out Boy. The rest as they say is history. They were formed back in 2001,  some five years before I met your Aunty Catherine, by friends Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman. They were later joined by Patrick Stump, who auditioned as a drummer but proved to be a better vocalist than the others. They were later joined by Andy Hurley to complete the original quartet.

The band have been on hold since 2009 to allow all the members to rest and do other things. But from 2001 to 2009 they released five studio albums;

Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend’ 2003

‘Take This To Your Grave’ 2003

‘From Under The Cork Tree’ 2005

‘Infinity On High’ 2007

Folie √† Deux’ 2009

They also released ‘Believer’s Never Die – Greatest Hits’ in 2009. As well as including all their singles that collection also contained a couple of new songs and a couple of rarities. 2007’s ‘Infinity On High’ was a number one in the US and New Zealand album charts and went to number three in the UK.¬† That album also spawned the bands biggest worldwide hit with ‘This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race’ which went top 5 in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK. it made it right to the top in New Zealand though. In addition to some of their excellent singles, which you’ll be able to hear soon, they have recorded some excellent cover versions. In particular “Roxanne” from the Police and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

Fall Out Boy himself is the sidekick of Radioactive Man and is a kind of parody of Batman’s sidekick Robin. Fall Out Boy the comic character’s catch phrase is ‘Jiminy Jillickers’. In a Simpsons episode where a movie o Radioactive Man was being made Bart was passed over for the role of Fall Out Boy and it went to Millhouse instead.

Anyway now it’s time for you to start bouncing around the Royal Godderwil estate along to some classic Fall Out Boy. i hope you enjoy the songs.

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