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Dearest Princess Amelia your Uncle Bill has been a bit lazy with blog posts recently so I thought I would try to kick-start things again with a new Christmas song. It’s sung by Frankie and the Heartstrings with support from the wonderfully talented Edwyn Collins. The song is called (Too Right) It’s Christmas” I hope that you like it, especially the fan video that shows with it!


Aunty Catherine and me also hope that you and everyone in Godderwil has a fabulous Christmas this year too! To help you all do that I have added two extra bonus songs. One from Amy Winehouse and a second which is one of my most favourite Christmas songs ever, reggae singer Jackie Edwards’ version of “White Christmas”!



milliePrincess Amelia I’m a little late with this months post but I think you will enjoy the song. I have chosen a song that was written in an early form of reggae known as ska. It reached number two in the UK charts in 1964. The song is “My Boy Lollipop” by Millie Small. I still love the song and I also like the next song Millie released, partly because it has mine name in the title. It was called “Sweet William”. I hope that you love dancing and maybe singing along to “My Boy Lollipop”.

millie lollipop

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Dear Princess Amelia, one of your subjects in Godderwil tells me that you like that wonderfully happy form of music called reggae. I am very pleased that you like it because it has been a favourite of mine for many, many years. It comes from Jamaica and has been known by many other names; Ska, Rocksteady, Lovers Rock, Blue Beat and some others too. I think I will have to post more about reggae in the future. But for now in your  September post I thought that I would treat you to six fabulous slices of reggae and a special one from Rastamouse. I would love to know which one is your favourite.


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