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fantastic-four-classicDearest Princess Amelia when I made a little speech at your naming ceremony two years ago I said quite a few things about how I would be there for you in times of trouble and that I would help you to stay young in the way you look at life, and I will be there for you on all counts. What I also said is that I would teach you everything I know about music and super heroes. This post is about super heroes, although there is also some music for you to dance to.

This month, April 2013, is the 74th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in a comic and he is still going strong. Superman appeared just a year before. I can let you in on a little secret too; Batman and Superman have secret identities. Batman is really Bruce Wayne and Superman is really Clark Kent. But you’re not allowed to tell anyone that, apart from your Mummy and daddy of course. The first super hero team was the Fantastic Four and they are my favourites along with their friend the Silver Surfer. The Fantastic Four, you are allowed to call them the FF, have been around a long while too, although unlike Batman and Superman they are not as old as me. They came along in 1961 and this November will be their 52nd birthday.

images ff

Obviously there are four people in the FF;

  • Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) he can stretch his whole body like rubber


  • Sue Storm (now Sue Richards as she is married to Reed and known as the Invisible Woman) – she can turn invisible and make invisible shields and weapons


  • Johnny Storm (younger brother of Sue and known as the Human Torch) – he can cover his whole body in fire and never burns. He can make fire based weapons and he can fly


  • Ben Grimm – (Old college friend of Reed and known as the Thing) he is incredibly strong and powerful and has a body that looks like it is made of orange rocks.


You will be hearing a lot more about these folk over the years, but for now just enjoy some super hero related music.




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