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Dearest Princess Amelia, I know that you have been learning about the Great Fire of London and that you have been to a firework display and as Saturday is Bonfire Night. I also want to say very well done for winning the pumpkin competion with your 1666 pumpkin!

I thought I would share some fire related songs with you. Here is a fire top ten, I hope that you enjoy them.



Dearest Princess Amelia, your Mummy and Daddy may have told you about the Olympics which kicked off in London on Friday with a truly fantastic opening ceremony.  Although obviously not on the grand scale of ceremonies that take place in Godderwil. I was a bit concerned that there is no Godderwil team at the Olympics, but maybe when you are old enough you can fly the flag and bring back the gold for Godderwil!

I thought I would select a few Olympic related songs for you to dance (and maybe hop, skip and jump to). I hope that you enjoy them.

OK they are all songs about sporting activities, apart from the last one, where the band is called Javelin and I think you’ll be able to dance to that one! I would like to give you one more song, it was the first to be heard live from the Olympics opening ceremony and it’s one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists; it’s “I Still Believe” by Frank Turner.

Dearest Princess Amelia I hope that you are looking forward to your Royal Birthday celebrations, which I’m sure will much better than those of Queen Elizabeth who rules the Kingdom of United, because the Kingdom of City just isn’t good enough. I made a promise to you in my last post that there would be two posts this month to make up for the one I missed in March and here is the second one.

One day you may come to wonder why my name is Oncle Bill while all your other Uncles are in fact Uncles and not Oncles. Well there is a reason for that, I come from a land that is many, many, many miles from Godderwil where people speak in a rather strange way; Just like me really. Some of them even use rhymes instead of words. Such as; apples and pears for stairs, dog and bone for phone, mince pies for eyes and plates of meat for feet. But you only need to use the first word; apples, dog, minces and plates. People who speak like this come from the Kingdom of Cockney where their Royal Family wear pearly clothes. The people from that kingdom are known as cockneys, pronounced cockerneys. I am not a cockney, I come from a different part of London, pronounced Lahndahn, which is sometimes called the smoke.

So to help you understand these strange ways of speaking I thought I would choose a few songs that are sung with a Lahndahn accent. I think you should try and sing along and pretend to be a Lahndahner when you do. Get Mummy and Daddy to help and to join in as well.

And finally here is how not to speak Lahndahnese or cockerney;

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